Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New House!!

So - Mom keeps bugging me about putting pictures of the house on my blog. So FINALLY I'm getting it done! Sorry it took so long Mom! :o) We moved in in June; and I have just been so busy trying to get things done with it that I didn't want to put pics up until it looked better. So, I finally have most of the upstairs painted and actually have hung some pictures! Here's our new house:

This is the front door and entryway. There's a very little coat closet on the right. And on the left is our office / piano room.

Here's the piano / office. I haven't done this room yet. There's wallpaper that has mountain scenes on it, with elk and eagles, etc. Not really us! But I just haven't got to it yet! Too many things to do! :o)

And here's the computers. I finally have my own desk so I can get some work done without having to put my computer away every night. It's been really nice!

Here's the view from the front entryway into the living room. We don't have a room that can be kept clean and free of toys in case someone stops by - like we did in our other house. Cary really liked that and we kinda miss it. The kids toys are everywhere during the day!! You can see my dining room off to the right there. Pics of that coming up!

This is the view of the living room from the kitchen. We have this wall that does a "z" type thing and it's hard to figure out how to decorate around it. So the furniture isn't permanently here - we just don't know what to do yet! Cary wants to either hang the TV on the wall and get a different stand to hold the Wii, DVD player, etc. OR - we were thinking we could cut this wall in half and make the room look a lot bigger. If we decide on that, it will be a couple years coming... You can also see into the little hallway that our bedrooms are off of.

Here's a view from standing over by the TV. Yes - the wall is orange! I really wanted an orange wall in my new house. Cary wasn't too excited; but he says it's ok. :o) The dining room also has 2 walls that are orange - and the kitchen is the same. But there's not a lot of walls in the kitchen, so it's not as noticeable.

These are some pictures I made for Cary for his birthday. I took our family pics and made a poster out of the one and enlarged the others. Then I painted the canvas' black and modpodged the pictures on the canvas. Added some cute ribbon and the words cut from my Cricut. I thought they turned out pretty cute!! I was proud of myself! :o)

Here's the dining room. I couldn't get the lighting to cooperate with me. But our table fit wonderfully in the space. Like it was made for it!!

Another pic of dining room - the lighting is better! Still working on some curtains. I bought some fabric that I really liked, so now I just have to find time to sew them!

Here's a pic of another crafty thing I did for the wall. My friend did a version of this - and ever since then I have had this in my head. So I finally had Cary help me to get it done! It's just a frame made out of old wood and chicken wire on the back. Then every month you can change the pictures and the decoration. I've been putting pics from 2008 and 2009 up. It's really fun to look and them, and helps you remember too. The kids really like it too!

And, here's my kitchen! Not real fancy - but it has some updated things in it and I was really excited about it. The cupboards are really nice and have the pull-outs, and spice rack, and lazy susans. Plus, there is lots of cupboard space!! We also have a gas stove (which has really helped my cooking! :o)) with 5 burners, and 2 ovens. The fridge is pretty nice and has the water / ice feature - BUT it's not working at the moment. We have an osmosis machine under the sink, and it hooks to the water from the fridge. But the osmosis thing is leaking, so we have to get that fixed. The other thing about the kitchen is the lighting - there's a ton of it! The lights on the ceiling, there's a rope light on the top cupboards (so at night when you turn them on, it gives you the feeling of a flame because of the orange!), there are lights under the cupboards, lights in the two corner cupboards with the glass fronts, plus the light over the sink! It's really nice!!

I'm going to do 2 more posts with the other pictures, because I'm just not very good at this blog thing; and this has taken me forever!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the great pics Katie! I love your house--it looks like a lot more room for all of you. I really like the kitchen --two ovens--you are the Thanksgiving house! One oven for the rolls and pies and one for the turkey! I like the orange wall and all the things you have made make it so personal and homey. Can't wait to get home and be in it! Mom