Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here are our bedrooms. This first pic is the master bedroom. I haven't done our room either, but it will probably be the dark chocolate brown and the light brown like in our other house.

We don't have a door between the bedroom and the bath - I guess it used to be a "new" thing. Maybe it still is... but we don't mind too much. I really love my bathroom! It's nothing fancy, but it's just big! All 4 of us can fit in here if we need to!

We have 2 sinks and a huge mirror, plus Cary and I each have our own cupboard and drawers! We have a little shower and then a bathtub too. The tub is a jetted tub, but it doesn't work either!! It was working, and then just stopped. We'll have to check into that when we have time and money. We also have a walk-in closet (you can probably see better in the other pic) which has been wonderful too!

Trandon wanted to stand on his bed for the picture of his room! Grandma Campbell gave him a bedspread from the movie "How to Train your Dragon", and he really loves that movie. So we decided to paint his room with dragons. (They are really dinosaurs, but if you say that then Trandon will correct you and tell you it's dragons, not dinosaurs!) The bottom of the wall is painted in dark blue and is supposed to look like the castle wall. Then there are hills with dragons sitting on them, and the light blue sky. Trandon also got a "big boy' bed when we moved - no more crib!! He was having a hard time with it until Daddy put a ladder on his bed so he could get up by himself. Then he loved it!!

Another pic of Trandon's room. He wanted to show you the dragon - then he put it on the floor! So there is a little red dragon on the floor in front of him! :o)

And this is Trinety's room!! She didn't want a "little girls" room this little girl is growing up. :o( But we had a lot of fun doing hers! We bought some curtains at Walmart that she liked and then tried to mimic it on the walls. I cut out some stencils on my Cricut and then put them on the walls. Trinety, Victoria and Trandon painted the colors on the stencils and then we pulled them off. They had fun doing it! Plus they did their hands on the blue wall - you can't see it too well in this pic though. It turned out so cute!! I really love it - maybe more than Trin! :o)

And here's another view from over by the closet. You can see the circles a little better in this pic. We also went and bought her (and Trandon of course!) little round chairs, and it seemed to match pretty well. Her desk ended up matching the blue on the wall - so that was nice!

And finally, since I was taking so many pics, Trandon wanted me to take one of him and Trin's stuffed animal, Kodiak. They both carry him around and fight over him. I tell them "Why don't you go outside and play with your REAL dog, Kodiak?" But it never seems to work. :o)

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  1. Hi Katie,
    I just came back to look at your blog again and saw the pics of the bedrooms and the yard. For some reason I didn't see them before. I think I was at work and had to get back to something that was pressing. I love the bedrooms . . . they are so personal. Trandon is so adorable in each of the pics he is in.