Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacation 2008!

For our family vacation this year, we headed to warmer weather!! We invited Penny to come with us and decided to go to Sea World, San Diego. We drove to Las Vegas where we picked Penny up from the airport. We stayed overnight at MGM Studios, and did a walk down The Strip! We didn't make it that far - down to the Bellagio fountains. But we had fun along the way!!

As we passed the M&M Factory, we saw an M&M sitting outside and told Trinety to go stand by it for a picture. She didn't know there was someone inside. Just as we were taking the picture, the M&M put his arm around her. She jumped about 2 feet in the air! We all had a good laugh - including the M&M!


  1. Hey you did it! Great job it looks great. I am so happy that I have a way to see what you guys have been up to.

  2. HA! Just found your blog! I'm so glad I can keep tabs on you better now since I'm horrible otherwise. Looks like you had a nice warm vacation. Miss you guys!