Monday, December 22, 2008

Aug 2008

It was so hot that we went out in the back yard to swing.
Trandon was happy to get out of the hot house!

Grandma and Papa Campbell came to visit. We had dinner at Cindy's house.
Papa had Trandon laughing really hard! It was so cute! I wish I had video taped it!

We were able to go to Salt Lake with Gramma and Grampa Herbert, and Melanie and her boys.
Wendy, Lisa and their families met us there. We went to Lagoon - and Trinety had a blast
riding rides with her cousins!

We were also able to walk thru Temple Square. Trinety had never been there before
(I know - what an awful mother!) and she really wanted a picture in front of Jesus.
Unfortunately, all I had was my phone camera. So this is the best picture we got.
She's still a beautiful girl - even with a bad camera!

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